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Mindy Emmerich Owner of Skulls And Stones Jewely

The Skulls & Stones Story...

I have been making jewelry as a hobby since 2009.  It began as small tokens of my thanks to those who participated in my cancer benefit show. I wanted something to pass the time while I was stuck at home after my surgery. It also gave me something to show my appreciation to all of my friends who loved & supported me through a very trying time in my life. 
Once I lost my day job, it freed up time for me to try my hand at furniture refinishing.  I enjoyed it as much as making jewelry and decided to expand my horizons!  I ended up with so much inventory that I needed an actual store to sell my treasures and so I opened On The Edge with Skulls & Stones in Oklahoma City.  The store showcased other artists like myself who don't 'fit' a certain boring style of art.  We called ourselves the tribe of misfits.  Since none of us fit the mold to sell our things in the typical craft stores in OKC.
The store closed Dec 31st, 2016, in order to have more time to do what I love most - craft shows. I continue to make jewelry, art and refinish furniture as well as teaching art classes.

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